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Meet The Founders

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Mike and Beau. We’re two former stressed out bar owners, turned CBD advocates, who believe community and humor are the best medicine. We used to suffer from excessive worrying and we thought we were alone. After being open with how we felt, we ended up discovering that we weren’t. So, we founded Sunday Scaries to transform a worrisome nation into a chill one. We want everyone to mellow out, have fun, and enjoy their lives.

CEO, Co-Founder

Mike CEO, Co-Founder

CGO, Co-Founder

Beau CGO, Co-Founder

The Interview
Beau: Owning a bar was always a passion for Mike and I. We poured our blood, sweat and tears into the project. It was extremely tough both mentally and physically. We made a ton of sacrifices and worked long hours for days straight. The hospitality industry is an unforgiving business and we found ourselves overworked to the bone and felt extremely irritable and overwhelmed. Eventually we tried CBD and felt the immediate cool, calm and collected feeling. The more we used it the better we felt and our entrepreneurial minds started cranking. Why not sell something that works while helping people?
Mike: While the bar was in operation I simply didn’t get a ton of time to decompress in a healthy way. The time that I did get to myself I felt extremely lonely and didn’t let myself “check out”. My head was consumed with negative thoughts and taking a deep breath was harder than it sounded. Second guessing myself, I Facetimed my older sister Caroline and opened up to her about my inability to stay calm. She smiled and reassured me that I was dealing with Sunday Scaries and that she deals with them too. She made me laugh and feel less isolated knowing that she had my back. Sunday Scaries was a feeling I had for a long time that I couldn’t accurately describe, until then.
Beau: We’re passionate about living life on our own terms and not being trapped by what society calls a “normal job”. We created a fun company where we can be ourselves, a place where we WANT to go to work. We’re passionate about thinking outside the box and turning obstacles into opportunities. Where other people see a wall, we see an area for a doorway. This gets us charged up and keeps us motivated.
Mike: We are in this business because we know how it feels dealing with internal darkness. We want to keep people laughing and protect others from that shitty feeling. The ability to create makes us happy, and what we’re creating makes others happy. It’s a win-win. We are in this business because we wanted to be challenged at our workplace and we wanted a direct correlation between effort and reward. The warmer the testimonial, the warmer we feel.
Beau: Extremely strong. Strong to quite strong. Especially in the days of increased societal pressures brought on by social media, many people are filled with angst. There are high expectations with how one should look, feel or behave. Everyone craves being accepted and it creates a ton of pressure. We want to be the solution and provide a calming relief so everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin.
Mike: We want people to get out of their own heads and live their lives Scarefree. We encourage others to shed what doesn’t serve them and to laugh at the absurdities of life. We’re advocates of not just sitting around and waiting for better times, but instead making them happen ourselves.

Mike Light CBD User
"I don’t take CBD every day and mostly consume as needed"
Favorite Product: Sunday Scaries - CBD Gummies


Drop 3 drops of Sunday Scaries CBD oil under my tongue before I settle down in bed to watch Ozark on Netflix.


Eat 2 Sunday Scaries gummies after my morning gym session to get my focus on before attacking my inbox.


No CBD day… because taking a break works for me.


Eat 2 Vegan AF gummies to chill out before my 6-hour flight to NYC for that big meeting.


Eat 2 Sunday Scaries gummies midday after lunch so I can return back to work focused and calm.


Drink 1 YOLO shot as a pregame essential so I can release and have a fun night out. Game time.


Eat 2 Sunday Scaries gummies to keep my mind from racing before yoga.

Gummies Back

Beau Heavy CBD User (Everyday)
“I take CBD every day so my routine is fairly consistent.”
Favorite Product: Dawn-To-Yawn Bundle

8:00 AM

Eat 3 Sunday Scaries gummies after crushing it at my morning F45 workout. This enables me to reset my equilibrium, calm my thoughts and set myself up for an incredibly productive day.

2:00 PM

Drink 1 YOLO Shot after lunch to get me fired up and re-energized to tackle the second half of my work day. I can’t do coffee this late and this gives me the energy without the jitters.

09:00 PM

Drop 1 full dropper of Sunday Scaries CBD oil under my tongue when I get into bed for reading. I’m able to relax and absorb the information after a long day, then I drift off and sleep like a big baby.

Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Replace “FML” with our broad spectrum CBD and get your chill on 20 minutes later.

Broad Spectrum CBD Bundles produced by Sunday Scaries

CBD Bundles

Bundles designed for the Sunday Scaries CBD enthusiast who just can't get enough.

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Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies made by Sunday Scaries

CBD Gummies

Meet the OG CBD Gummy Bear. Designed to support your relaxation. Each bear has 10 MG of CBD.

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Broad Spectrum Vegan CBD Gummies manufactured by Sunday Scaries


Sister product of our OG CBD Gummies but sour and with 100% vegan friendly ingredients

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Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture produced by Sunday Scaries


Perfect for conditions that need a stronger dose of CBD Oil. Each bottle has 500 MG of CBD.

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CBD Candy

CBD Candy

These sweet rainbow CBD candy strips are a party in your mouth without the 420 feels.

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